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If you are engaged in the growing of Christmas trees, you are undoubtedly confronted with numerous problems peculiar to the production and marketing of this product. Membership in the Missouri Christmas Tree Association can bring you these benefits:

National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) MEMBERSHIP: A Great Investment

Insurance Program:For choose and cut farms and retail lots, there is now a retail business and product liability insurance program for those selling Real Christmas trees -- with premiums lower than most other plans -- even plans without product liability coverage. Property Insurance is now available.

Christmas Tree Journal : Each quarter you will receive an issue of The American Christmas Tree Journal.

Educational Programs : The NCTA sponsors two major educational meetings - the Biennial Convention and the Annual Marketing Conference and Trade Show.

Public Relations & Marketing Assistance :The NCTA has developed public relations materials to help educate the public about the benefits of the natural Christmas tree. Media kits, public service announcements, informational brochures all relay helpful and positive messages to the media and to the public. The Association also monitors market trends in tree preference, safety and freshness for members.

Legislative Watchdog : NCTA maintains a continual watch on national legislation and tax actions affecting the Christmas tree industry. NCTA also helps growers and retailers get their message across to local and state governments when actions are pending that affect their Christmas tree business.

Research :NCTA develops and coordinates research projects like the retail season, consumer and producer surveys, and recycling information. These projects help members plan production for the future by providing information on market conditions in coming years.

Data :Information on everything from upcoming meetings to legislative initiatives is always available to NCTA members through the National headquarters. Together with affiliated state associations, NCTA answers a wide range of specific questions dealing with every phase of the natural Christmas tree industry.

If you are interested in joining, fill out and submit a membership form.

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